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Wisdom Integration for an Evolving World 

WISE WORLD SEMINARS offers educational and transformational programs in Network Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, Reorganizational Healing and premier transformational programs with Dr. Donny Epstein.

This website is a gateway to advancing integrative wellness, wellness education and approaches that provide strategies for greater human resourcefulness, development and evolution. Now more than ever, a more creative, compassionate and aware humanity is needed. WISE WORLD SEMINARS provides programs for those individuals and practitioners seeking integrative wellness, wellness education and outcomes, greater human resources, enhanced human development, consciousness studies and a sustainable global community.

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Upcoming Transformational Seminars, Practitioner Training and Premier Programs with Donny Epstein.

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Explore the latest news, information and happenings in our global community.

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"I can hardly wait to share this information to my NSA doc. Rich Gorsuch & my practice members, friends, and family. NOW we’ve got the most potent, necessary, incredible refinements for an already deeply powerful & moving practice. I have been so honored to share this practice of SRI with those I have. But everything is different. Now it’s kicking into light speed. With these refinements I’ll be able to focus people more precisely so they experience more SRI movements, experience them sooner, to bring about unmistakable connection to propel them into personal transformation. Thank you, Thanks you for creating/discovering/developing/refining this truly awesome work."           

          - Martha Ware, SRI WE Attendee 

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