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Network Wave 25




This REVOLUTIONARY WAVE is now recognized for its unique spinal SELF-ORGANIZING properties and has changed the chiropractic profession. You are invited to CELEBRATE and be a part of the evolution of evidence based care - NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS.



*CE Credits additional fee, where applicable

** European program fees in local currencies



Network Spinal Analysis Basic Care Intensive

Join the evolution of evidence based wellness care! A researched, widely acclaimed and growing, evidence-based approach to body awareness.

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Connect and Release

This seminar includes the concepts of wellness outcomes and the evaluation of the spine and nervous systems for greater somatic awareness and strategies of the first of the four Levels of Care.

The practitioner will better understand adverse mechanical spinal cord tension patterns, and the sub systems which help achieve and maintain spinal and neural integrity. These subsystems include the Passive, Active, Neural Control and Emotional Subsystems. The Respiratory Wave and its entrainment to spinal motion and tension release, and the concept of the Spinal Gateway™ as an access point for spinal and neural self assessment, self regulation and self organization will be introduced.

  • Learn the Epstein theory of defensive Central Nervous System patterns which produce spinal distortion patterns.

  • Understand how segmental distortion and muscular and neural facilitation are reactions to a central nervous system with adaptive challenges.

  • Learn how a low force introduced at the appropriate Spinal Gateway™ will assist the brain in better observing the body-mind and self-organizing.

  • Learn the indicators of adverse spinal cord tension, how to classify these tension patterns, know as the Five Phases of Adverse Mechanical Spinal Cord Tension.

  • Discover how to apply low force specific contacts to achieve greater somatic and spinal awareness, and its associated initiation of unique organizational strategies linked to wellness, life enjoyment and spinal and neural integrity.

How you will benefit...

Benefits for your patients...
Check_Blue Discover how the appropriate force application at a Spinal Gateway™ can instantaneously transform a spine and life
Check_Blue Engages them take charge of their lives – more self responsibility.
Check_Blue How to practically define and measure wellness outcomes, through NSA Basic Care
Check_Blue Takes them to a state beyond they were in right before their presenting symptoms or crisis.
Check_Blue Level one management tools in an empowering wellness model
Check_Blue A structured care program for NSA Basic Care
Check_Blue Plenty of hands-on so you can walk away with skills to use on Monday in the office.
Check_Blue Relates patient’s physical, chemical and emotional stress to their spine.
Check_Blue How to perform an effective wellness spinal evaluation and assessment
Check_Blue Develops new self-regulating, self-correcting mechanisms within their bodies.
Check_Blue Learn how to help patients to connect to their body-minds and spontaneously release spinal and body tension
Check_Blue Very real new strategies for living in an ever changing and challenging world.
Check_Blue Discover how to address the major factor which promotes and perpetuates spinal subluxation
Check_Blue Helps them develop a stronger body-mind connection.
Check_Blue The single most important exercise a client can do to promote self-responsibility in healing & trust in the body.
Check_Blue Helps them develop the strategies to experience a more flexible "feeling" spine.
Check_Blue How to enjoy a practice which fulfills your needs for growth, contribution to something bigger than yourself, connection, love, security, never ending variety & lifetime success!
Check_Blue Helps them assess their own outcomes, not attainable through any other means, through each level of care.

Check_Blue Helps them develop two unique spinal healing waves


Who may attend: Chiropractors and chiropractic students. It is required that chiropractic students have completed the first year of school prior to attending a Basic Level Intensive Seminar.

Please arrange your flight schedule to enable you to attend to entire program.


BCI Lars AhlborgDr. Lars-Olov Ahlborg
About Lars

BCI Amaral1 Dr. John Amaral
About John

BCI Instructor Ayer
Dr. Deb Ayer
About Deb 

BCI Instructor Bernier
Dr. Pierre Bernier
About Pierre

BCI Belig
Dr. Patricia Belig-Jubelin
About Patricia

BCI Instructor Caliendo
Dr. Anthony Caliendo
About Anthony 


BCI Instructor Diskin
Dr. Ari Diskin
About Ari 

BCI Instructor Hort
Dr. Dominique
About Dominique

BCI Instructor Katz
Dr. Steven Katz
About Steve

BCI Instructor KnowlesDr. Danny Knowles
About Danny

BCI Instructor LembergerDr. Dan Lemberger
About Dan

BCI Instructor LumbDr. Brian Lumb
About Brian


BCI Instructor Marsden
Dr. Fiona Marsden
About Fiona

BCI Instructor Mawby
Dr. Dean Mawby
About Dean
BCI Instructor Scher Dr. Judy Scher
About Judy
BCI Instructor Schindler Dr. Sibille Schindler
About Sibille








NSA - B.C.I. - Network Spinal Analysis - Basic Care Intensive with Drs. Dean Mawby and Sibille Schindler

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Dates, Times & Location
August 31, 2012, to September 2, 2012, from 7:00 PM to 2:00 PM Hawaii Time - Melbourne, VIC, AU
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NSA - B.C.I. - Network Spinal Analysis - Basic Care Intensive with Drs. Dean Mawby and Sibille Schindler

Fundamentals of NSA Basic Level care and the Epstein model of Spinal and Neural Integrity, for both new and seasoned NSA practitioners.

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Seminar Administrated by Wise World Seminars Australasia Pty Ltd

Location Information     Contact Information
Diskin Life
181 Victoria Parade Fitzroy
Melbourne, VIC 3065

Map to Event Location
  Wise World Seminars Australasia
+61 7 5535 3330
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